Bioware Aurora Engine and module editor:

Kileth and Pinak Module - On-going project since 2004

This mod server on Neverwinter nights is a roleplay environment. This server sports about 127 different areas (that is, places to go). It was once a very well known place (in 2005) and had three support Dungeon Masters. This module offers everything to get from level 1 to level 40, and content that requires teamwork beyond the highest level.

Work Performed: (In short, everything but the engine)

-Module and Area Creation
-Working with the areas to link to each other correctly, and playtesting absolutly everything.
-Creation of monsters and renaming them + adding statistics. This includes bosses and storyline NPCs.
-Creating nearly hundreds of items that balanced out gameplay and were found in places suggested by their name.
-Leading players through really deep storylines that had them coming back night after night to see what was next.

-Maintaining this module as lead DungeonMaster, fixing and adjusting everything to the player's desire.

A Copy of this mod is now free to the public after many years. Get it here (NOTE: Requires the Community Expansion Pack to play)




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