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Solo Project

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Kileth and Pinak Module - On-going project since 2004

This server on Neverwinter nights is a roleplay environment. This server sports about 127 different areas (that is, places to go). It was once a very well known place (in 2005) and had three support Dungeon Masters. This module offers everything to get from level 1 to level 40, and content that requires teamwork beyond the highest level.

Work Performed: (In short, everything but the engine)

-Module and Area Creation
-Working with the areas to link to each other correctly, and playtesting absolutly everything.
-Creation of monsters and renaming them + adding statistics. This includes bosses and storyline NPCs.
-Creating nearly hundreds of items that balanced out gameplay and were found in places suggested by their name.
-Leading players through really deep storylines that had them coming back night after night to see what was next.
-Maintaining this module as lead DungeonMaster, fixing and adjusting everything to the player's desire.

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Euclid's Challenge
(Spring 07)

Group Project

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Euclid's Challenge Banner

Euclid's Challenge - Team Project (NHTI) Spring 2007

Work Performed:

-Created the art for the levels on a triple level (ground/background/sky).
-Created the player model and the transformed player models.
-Created half of the enemy models.
-Created the splash screen and title logo.
-Programmed the game to work with the Xbox 360 Controller.
-Implemented sound effects and music.

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Smash 'Em Up: Source
(Spring 08)

Group Project


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Work Performed:
-Created the main map of Harm's Way.
-Managed the Steam Group that supports the mod.
-Created the logo.

Harm's Way Features:
-The best of my mapping abilities to date.
-8 tracks of music, and several voices.
-On first play, about 15 minutes of gameplay encountering about 100 enemies in unique settings.
-Environmental Challenges that will have you crying.
-95% of textures in this map were self-created and don't resemble Valve's textures.

The Electric War (Fall 2008)

Solo Project


The Electric War is a music cd that tells a story through music. The story is that of a looming army and the big and small battles that take place along the way to the battlefield. I made this in order to create a set of tracks that could be used during boss battles in the games that I develop.

Work Performed:
-Created (Composed and Produced) 8 Tracks of the CD


Interview with Game Developers : Simulation Mod

(Fall 2009)

Group Project


This simulation never really had a working title. The idea was to create a simulation where the player has to interview three different game developers to find out what their processes are. We chose the developers of Mario, Sonic, and Rock Band to showcase in this project.

Work Performed:
-Created 3 versions of the main level for different periods of time.
-Created a huge world based on the theories used in Mario.
-Created the main menu and packaged the game.
-Created another world based on the theories used in Sonic.


ICE: Intelligent Computer Emulation

(Spring 2010 - Present)

Solo Project

ICE is a simulation designed to go along with presentations given on Artificial Intelligence. It is being developed as part of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science at Southern New Hampshire University.

Work Performed:
-Created the simulation to go along with the AI Paradigm dealing with Policy Relaxation.
-Sucessfully implemented 'Game AI' behavior in the Unreal Development Kit.

-Policy Relaxation demo.
-Control the bot using commands.
-Control the camera angle that the player views the bot.
-A bot that might decide to rebel against orders.



(Spring 2010-Present)

Solo Project


Anubis is a 3d Sidescroller developed in the Unreal Development Kit. More information will be posted as pictures are gathered and the demo is available for download.


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