Smash 'Em Up: Source
Valve Source Game Engine

Mod Features:
-Cooperative play where players are allowed to team up against enemies instead of fighting each other.
-Working enemies in multiplayer mode without game crashes.
-Two complete maps, with two upcoming maps.

Work Performed:
-Created the main map of Harm's Way - A project that took weeks of over 30+ hours.
-Managed the Steam Group that supports the mod.
-Created the logo.

Harm's Way Features:
-The best of my mapping abilities to date.
-8 tracks of music, and several voices.
-On first play, about 15 minutes of gameplay encountering about 100 enemies in unique settings.
-Environmental Challenges that will have you crying.
-95% of textures in this map were self-created and don't even resemble Valve's textures.

Gameplay Trailer
Screenshots(Temporarily Image Intensive)
Harm's Way Walkthrough Video: Coming Soon!





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